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For over 11 years Dan's been diving deep into the people operations of complex global corporations and small, family-owned businesses alike. Efficiency is second nature to Dan, and with a Master's degree in HRD and PHR certification, Dan knows the nitty-gritty complexity and theories behind implementing systems for maximum efficiency...and maximum growth.




With a background in Education Administration, Angela took her skills to the online marketplace as a freelance marketing specialist and graphic designer. The administrative part of her brain quickly kicked in as she worked closely with entrepreneurs and founders who were brilliant at their craft but had serious holes in their operational strategy. Angela pivoted her services to include operations where she truly finds her "zone of genius."

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After years of working separate businesses and serving different client bases, a lightbulb finally went off for us. By combining our areas of operational expertise, we could quite literally help our clients with ALL of their operations.  And so ALL THE OPS was born.

So now with our powers combined, we're empowering entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners to have highly efficient systems and processes, no matter what stage their business is in. 

When we're not busy strategically streamlining operations and building ultra-efficient teams, we're soaking up nature on the Maine seacoast with our precocious daughters and canine companions.