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A 6-month intensive for high achieving female founders looking to scale their businesses in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Growing a successful business can be an isolating experience, and the bigger you grow, the harder it is to gain clear perspective on this big, beautiful thing you’ve built. Even with a solid integrator on your side and a team implementing your vision, you’re still carrying the weight of the business on your shoulders.

And because you’ve been so close to it for so long, it can be hard to see just what it will take to continue to grow your business beyond multiple six figures to the seven figure mark, and from the seven figure mark to the illustrious multiple seven figure goal.

Wait a minute, we’re talking about our revenue goals right from the beginning?? *gasp*

Why yes, yes we are. Because the truth is, while our business’s revenue goals are not the only mark of success, we need revenue to keep our businesses running. We need that revenue to GROW our business, to reach more people, do more good, and to structure our lives the way we want.

It’s vital to gain perspective on the entire operations of your business, from your team to your marketing strategies, so that you can strategically make shifts to your business. And this kind of perspective is something you just can’t achieve on your own.

That’s why we’ve created this 6-month CEO intensive, so you can gain critical insights and strategy to grow YOUR business alongside other female founders.


Each month we’re going to be moving the needle forward in the profitability and sustainability of your business through specific operational coaching. We’re tackling the issues you face every day, including team management, delegating, hiring, SOP creation, program improvement, expanding your audience and more. We’ll help you identify inefficiencies, remove roadblocks, and attain real, tangible results.

This program isn’t about you and your business fitting into OUR framework.

At the heart of this program is individualized attention and actionable takeaways, so you can utilize the strategies that work best for YOUR business. Too many business leaders spend too much time and money on programs that force them to try to make their business adapt to someone else’s business model. That doesn’t always work, and that’s why we’re passionate about bring you a personalized program that will propel your business forward in tangible ways.

Program Structure

The Sustainable Scale is a 6-month intensive program for female founders and CEO’s, designed to help your strategically grow your business alongside other women business leaders. Each month will be structured around a specific theme and include the following:

  • Monthly curriculum and “CEO Sheets” will help you evaluate your current structures and strategies and intentionally move you forward.

  • Monthly group coaching will be held for 1.5 hours via zoom.

  • Monthly guest expert sessions from the top female founders who are movers and shakers in their areas of expertise.

  • Monthly “Roadblock Breaker” hot seats are 20-minute zoom sessions our members can sign up for to purposefully work through a specific roadblock in their business.

  • Private Slack community with an intimate group of high achieving women and intentionally structured prompts to bring our minds together in a meaningful and productive way.

  • Voxer support will be available throughout the program.

You’re not running your business on your own, so why should this program be any different_ If you would like to include members of your team on any of the coaching or guest expert sessions, they are more than welc.png

Program Schedule

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We’re going to start by laying the foundation for growth in your business by evaluating where you are and where you want to be. We’ll be covering strategic planning techniques, like OKR’s, and helping you identify any self-limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you functioning fully as the CEO of your business.

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In May we’re optimizing your resources (people, systems, etc) to make your day-to-day operations run at peak efficiency and propel you towards your goals. We’ll be helping you master techniques to delegate and manage your team and to effectively utilize tech resources, so your specific business can reach maximum profitability.

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You’ve built amazing programs, courses, and products, but it’s time to uplevel. In June, we’ll be looking at curriculum development, alternative program structures, and refining your content to reach the right people, at the right price point. We’ll look together at how to increase the profitability of your offerings to scale your business in a greater way.

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In July, we’ll be focused on expanding your reach through a wide range of strategies. Depending on your positioning, we’ll cover marketing strategies like nurture sequences and Facebook ads (what does a CEO really need to know about ads) and PR opportunities like podcasts, books, and media appearances.

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August is your time to step into the CEO seat and truly discover what it means to be the visionary leader of your business. We’ll uncover what being the leader of your team really means and what you need to do to thrive in that position.

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After spending 5 months together, we’re going to uncover new topics we want to tackle together. This is the month to do just that. It will also be a time to reflect on what we’ve learned, how we’ve grown, and plan for the scale to come after the program.


  • Each member will get a private 30-minute coaching session with Angela at the beginning of the program, so we can get an idea of where you are in your business and how to make the most out of the program

  • Members will have access to specially priced one-on-one intensives with a number of our guest experts, so you can get individualized support from these renowned experts


Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I’m Angela, co-founder and operational strategist at All The Ops. I work with high achieving founders and business leaders every day, helping them optimize their operations and scale their businesses without burning out.

I believe that having a business with aggressive and attainable revenue goals doesn’t mean sacrificing your sanity or undercutting your profitability.

In this CEO intensive, I’ll be sharing the exact strategies I’ve used to help businesses scale to seven figures and beyond. I truly believe the secret to the success of this program is the perspective you’ll gain from myself, the other amazing women in the group, and our guest speakers. Together we’ll be identifying holes in and finding highly effective solutions. We’ll be finding new and creative ways to expand your authority, better your offerings, and increase your profitability. I’m so honored to walk this journey with you and see you and your business grow and thrive.

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Here are just a few of the guest experts we’ll have joining us…

…and more to be announced!



Contact us at with any questions about the program, enrollment, payment, etc.